How does it work?

The central object of Mindeval technology is an electronic key which is assigned to each athlete (or participant in a study). The key is loaded with a sequence of questionnaires. The sequence is remotely controlled by the professional in charge (e.g. psychologist, coach, physician).

The electronic key provides security and anonymity for the participants. This key enables the secure private transmission of the tests and guarantees the anonymity of test results where all data is associated with the key and not the name of the participant.

Who will receive the PDF feedback (personal profile) and how?

Most questionnaires can provide an immediate feedback to the athlete. The professional in charge of the assessment decides whether the athlete receives the feedback or not. In any case, the professional has access to all results and feedbacks through the Mindeval web application. This feature has been specifically designed for consulting needs. Most athletes cannot interpret their profile by themselves, they need the help of a professional (psychologist, coach or physician).

What do I buy online?

You buy credits for a specific questionnaire. As soon as your payment is received, the corresponding questionnaires are added to your portfolio. Then you can assign questionnaires to keys. You have total control over the assignment: you can create as many keys as you want, revoke keys at any time and transfer credits from one key to another. For example, if you buy ten OMSAT-3 you can create 10 keys loaded with one OMSAT, or one key with one OMSAT and three keys with three OMSAT each. Any combination is possible and you can change that in real time, even during an ongoing evaluation.