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Mindeval is the most comprehensive site for online sport psychology questionnaires. It allows athletes from around the world to take valid questionnaires at any time, and get immediate feedback that contributes to performance enhancement.

Mindeval for professionals

Coaches, staff, managers, physicians, sport psychologists and sport psychology consultants

With Mindeval, evaluate the mental strengths of the athletes you are training. Use valid questionnaires for initial evaluation (diagnostic), monitoring and programming the season. The results of questionnaires are immediately available. In case of multiple assessments, consult the progress on the web site.

Mindeval for researchers

Mindeval offers a complete tool set to fit your research needs (questionnaire design, validation, evaluation of mental training programs). Our current tools include: OMSAT, CSB-S, CSAI-2R.

Mindeval for athletes

Mindeval helps you to evaluate your mental strengths online. The results of your evaluation are available immediately after taking the questionnaire, with explanations to help you improve your performance.

Get started:

  1. Purchase credit(s) to get instant access to a questionnaire

  2. Download the free Mindeval program

  3. Take the questionnaire

  4. Get your results

Mindeval for parents

Your child practices sports seriously (tennis, golf, soccer, fencing...) and you are investing in his or her training. You want to invest in his/her mental training as well. Thanks to Mindeval, you have access to the tools used by the best athletes. The OMSAT questionnaire has been used by athletes has young as 12. You can quickly evaluate your son's or daughter's mental preparation, get his or her profile in a PDF document and discuss the results with his/her coach or with the professional in charge of mental training. You can also track the progression of your child during the season using Mindeval's website.